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As an ambitious young professional, fascinated by international relations and passionate about human rights, democracy and equality, Gabriela has always sought to make a positive impact throughout her professional and private life. She holds a Master's in European Studies and a Master's in Political Science. Previously, she worked with various NGOs, IGOs (United Nations, European Parliament) and think tanks. In her research, Gabriela focuses on European politics and external relations, human rights, democracy, conflict resolution and international as well as human security.

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Budapest Pride 2014
While Homophobia in Hungary is rising, the Fidesz government actively furthers the stigmatisation and marginalisation of the LGBT+ community. Ahead of the 2022 election, the government introduced another law that increases penalties for pedophiles while at the same time outlawing the "promotion of homosexuality" for those under 18 - thereby censoring sexual identity and conflating pedophilia with homosexuality.
MEPs discuss situation in Hungary with Prime Minister Orbán
After 11 years under the rule of the Fidesz government, the adoption of new controversial laws is a common practice, and rarely too much attention is paid to their potential long-term consequences. On April 27th, 2021, the Hungarian Parliament approved a new controversial law. With the new legislation, the transfer of vast amounts of state assets, universities, and other public institutions to government-aligned foundations was written into law - likely further tightening Fidesz' power grab ahead of the 2022 elections.
Lukashenko Protest
The forced landing of a Ryanair plane in Minsk on May 23rd should raise multiple questions for the EU and the Western community as a whole. What is the adequate response to such an incident? Are sanctions an appropriate tool to address this type of behaviour? And how can we effectively safeguard values such as human rights and freedom of expression in wider Europe?
Found 22 Results  |   Page 1 of 8