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As an ambitious young professional, fascinated by international relations and passionate about human rights, democracy and equality, Gabriela has always sought to make a positive impact throughout her professional and private life. She holds a Master's in European Studies and a Master's in Political Science. Previously, she worked with various NGOs, IGOs (United Nations, European Parliament) and think tanks. In her research, Gabriela focuses on European politics and external relations, human rights, democracy, conflict resolution and international as well as human security.

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Hungary Protest
Hungarian media is once again under attack. After years under the Orbán regime, most media outlets have been closed down or taken over by government sympathizers, and media pluralism is now virtually nonexistent in Hungary. In February 2021, Klubrádió, Hungary's last independent radio station was stripped off of its license and is henceforth only available online - presenting another blow to media freedom in Hungary.
Capitol Jan 6
For weeks, we have watched with concern the battle of Trump and his supporters, trying to overturn the election result of November 3, 2020. American democracy, which had been under pressure over the past four years under President Trump, is in danger amidst recent developments.
Budapest Gay Pride 2016
Hungary’s ruling Fidesz party has been long known for its tough stance on LGBTQI issues, its discrimination against same-sex couples and its ridiculous position on “traditional family values”. The recent Szájer affair further exposes the ruling party's hypocrisy, as it continues waging a war against the LGBTQI community. If there is one thing for sure, it is that Fidesz never learns.
Found 19 Results  |   Page 1 of 7