About us

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can choose to change the world.”
(Nelson Mandela)

About us

QUO [Adverb, “Where”]  VADEMUS   [Verb, “Going”]


Quo Vademus – translated to “where are we going” –  is a crowd-based think tank for youth and public engagement in politics and current affairs.

Our Mission

Quo Vademus’ mission and goals are:

  • to attain a broad community and create a network of young, critical thinkers.
  • (re-)ignite young people’s interest in current affairs and international relations.
  • give (young) people the opportunity to share their thoughts and contribute in a field that is typically rather occupied by “experienced” professionals.

Quo Vademus aspires to shed light on as well as provide answers to the political questions and problems that we are facing nowadays – through sharp analysis, briefings and short opinions. Our research is based on facts and our information obtained from trust-worthy sources.

– Gabriela Greilinger, Founder


We aim to provide a platform for a broad audience to inform themselves about current affairs and trigger a thought process.


We aim to give (young) people the possibility to get their own articles easily published, distributed and, most importantly, read.


We aim to participate in research projects in order to help tackle today’s challenges.

From the youth for the youth

Quo Vademus seeks content primarily from young people, as we aim to give them a voice and empower them to inform and express themselves as well as exchange information and critically discuss current issues.

We believe that the young people of the next generation are key and are able to, in the words of the UN, “change the world, if we let them.” Education, therefore, is vital for empowerment. Quo Vademus aims to contribute its part in this regard.

– Lion Hummer, Founder

But why?

Because we hope to work against the global trend of people’s disenchantment with politics and provide (young) people with a platform to exchange information and opinions, inform and express themselves. Our mission thereby seeks to contribute to UN Sustainable Development Goal #4 – lifelong learning.