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Become a Contributing Writer


We see a global trend of people’s disenchantment with politics and global affairs. This decline of young people’s interest and the rise of disinformation through social media is dangerous and the reason why we created Quo Vademus with its mission to create a network, or more a community, of young, critical thinkers.

In order to work against the disinformation and disenchantment – we created, as a platform for promoting the thoughts, analyses, and opinions of the youth.

We are therefore looking for dedicated young writers, who would like to contribute their thought-provoking articles on current affairs – either on a one-time-only or on a continuous basis.


What does it mean to be a contributing writer?

In your role as a contributing writer at Quo Vademus, you would 

  • independently look for research-worthy topics in your field of interest and expertise.
  • conduct your research on these issues and write articles in the form of in-depth analyses, brief analyses, briefings or opinion articles. 
  • work closely with us, regarding the way Quo Vademus is developing in the future.
  • be kept in evidence in our expert database and whenever we need experts in your particular field of focus – we will contact you directly.


If you are interested, please fill out the form below and we will get in touch with you, regarding the next steps, as soon as possible

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    Please be aware, this is a volunteering role, and neither the founders nor any other contributing writer is currently making any profit off of Quo Vademus. At the moment, our aim to create a community of young writers and experts on political issues and current affairs is our priority.