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Become a Contributing Writer


Quo Vademus is a crowd-based think tank for youth and public engagement in politics and current affairs. We currently experience a global trend of people’s disenchantment with politics and global affairs. The decline of young people’s interest and the rise of disinformation through social media are particularly dangerous. In order to work against disinformation and disenchantment, we created as a platform, network and community to promote the thoughts, analyses, and opinions of the youth.

Our Mission and Goals are:

  • to attain a broad community and create a network of young, critical thinkers.
  • (re-)ignite young people’s interest in current affairs and international relations.
  • give (young) people the opportunity to share their thoughts and contribute to a field that is typically rather occupied by “experienced” professionals.

We are looking for dedicated young writers who would like to contribute to our mission and write thought-provoking articles on current affairs for Quo Vademus – either on a one-time-only or on a continuous basis.


What does it mean to be a contributing writer?


About the job

Your tasks: 

  • independently look for research-worthy topics in your field of interest and expertise 
  • conduct research on these issues by using trustworthy sources and write articles in the form of in-depth analyses, brief analyses or opinion articles

Your skills: 

  • English proficiency (at least B2, preferably higher) 
  • excellent analytical and writing skills 
  • good news judgement
  • ability to synthesize information and deliver a well-thought-out and convincing argument
  • ability to work independently, without deadlines
  • previous experience in academia, NGOs or the media sector is helpful but not necessary

What you get:

  • being part of a network of young writers 
  • ability to get your work published on a legitime platform with an organisation registered in Vienna, Austria
  • work remotely and flexibly 
  • work independently and at your own pace without deadlines 

Note: Quo Vademus is registered as a non-profit association under Austrian Federal Law and is based in Vienna. However, all our contributing writers work remotely around the world.

If you are interested, please fill out the form below, and we will get in touch with you regarding the next steps as soon as possible.


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    Your Expertise

    Do you want to send us any samples?

    Please be aware that this is a volunteering role, and neither the founders nor any other contributing writer is currently making any profit off of Quo Vademus. At the moment, our aim to create a community of young writers and experts on political issues and current affairs is our priority.