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Author: Francesco Rossi

Objectivity, Simplicity, Clarity: this is the motto of how Francesco Rossi, a former Economics and Management of the Public Sector Master student of the Free University of Bolzano, understands the world. His ultimate goal is to work for an European Institution because he firmly believes that diversity makes us shine as European citizens. By writing articles, he would like to help other fellow Europeans to better understand Italian affairs, politics and mentality. His interests are: Economic policies, policy-making and Geopolitics.

Articles written by Francesco Rossi

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Skyscrapers in Dubai
The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has a population of 9 million people, 9/10 of whom are foreigners. Overall, 200 nationalities make up the population of the UAE, with an overwhelming presence of Indian and Pakistani expatriates, followed by Asian, African, European, and American populations. The UAE is hence a multi-ethnic and multi-cultural society, governed by the typical laws and customs of the Muslim religion.
Entrance to the Apartheid Museum
This in-depth study analyzes the South African Apartheid’s historical and socio-linguistic dimension. The segregation operated by Apartheid followed the path of a dictatorial system, while language control allowed the segregationist regime to exclude people of colour from the country political and economic life. This is well-reported within the framework of the educational policies and the deliberately racist media propaganda operated at the time.
Giuseppe Conte at the EP
Following the COVID-19 pandemic, despite the resistance of Poland and Hungary, the European Commission allocated 750 billion euros to help European countries to cope with the deep undergoing economic crisis. This article provides an overview of the Recovery Fund, with a closer look at Italy and at Italian strategies by exploring possibilities and threats.
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