Author: Maria Cecilia Barbas

María Cecilia Barbas is an advanced International Relations and Political Science student at the University of Palermo. She speaks three languages (Spanish, English and Italian) and is interested in external affairs and geopolitics with emphasis on its economic and political impacts. You can reach María Cecilia on Linkedin.

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Nicolás Dujovne with Xiao Jie
As of 2010, Argentina became one of the main exporting countries of soybean oil and flour. Since then, its commercial ties with China have multiplied: in 2014, the Latin American country gave China a significant part of its land to build a Space Station and, a year earlier, the Argentine state paid a billion dollars for Chinese wagons. Currently, the Asian country is targeting the Paraná River waterway, the installation of hog farms and hydroelectric power plants in Patagonia.
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