Author: Mehmet Arca Ozcoban

Mehmet Arca Ozcoban got his bachelor's degree from Middle East Technical University (Turkey), Department of Sociology. Currently, he is doing my master's at the Humboldt University of Berlin, in the department of Social Sciences. He is interested in globalization, state-business relations, Hybrid regimes, Balkan Studies, and political economy.

Articles written by Mehmet Arca Ozcoban

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NATO Secretary General visits Turkey
This article identifies how the JDP (AKP) instrumentalizes the human rights discourse and the IHH (Humanitarian Relief Foundation) in its quest for neo-Ottoman hegemony. It also questions how the JDP benefits from constructing consent in the foreign land by IHH economically and politically. The main questions this essay raises are: Why does the JDP need such a relationship with an NGO and how should we refer to it?
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