Author: Niklas Hintermayer

Niklas Hintermayer is passionate about European and EU affairs, with a particular interest in the research areas of EU Security & Defense Policy, Rule of Law and Democracy, EU-Russia relations and the (Digital) Single Market. He holds a law degree from the University of Vienna, a Diploma in European and Eurasian Studies from Johns Hopkins SAIS in Bologna and is currently pursuing his MA in European Union Studies at Leiden University.

Articles written by Niklas Hintermayer

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German and EU Flag
After 16 years as German Chancellor, Angela Merkel will not stand again in the German federal elections. This means that not only Germany but also the EU is losing one of its most experienced politicians. From the sovereign debt crisis to the migration crisis and the current impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, Merkel has most of the time managed to maintain her reputation as a crisis manager. Some 10 years after her "first" crisis, the sovereign debt crisis in the EU, it is time to look at her decisions and especially the handling of Greece: Why did the German government initially resist financial support for Greece but eventually (and reluctantly) agreed to it?
European Commission
In recent years, preserving the single market through competition rules has come to the fore due to increasing foreign competition. In the context of merger control, the planned takeover of the French firm Alstom by the German company Siemens has given rise to a debate. The European Commission's prohibition of the merger raised two particular questions this analysis seeks to answer while looking at proposed amendments to the merger rules.
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