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Vittoria Paolino is a Sub-Saharan Africa Analyst and Researcher with an extensive field experience in project management in East, Central, and Southern Africa where she worked for different international and local NGOs. She holds a BA in Social Anthropology from the University of Bologna, and a MA in African Studies from SOAS University of London. Her expertise includes politics, conflicts, human rights, cultures, arts, and gender. She is passionate about changing the narratives through which Africa is portrayed abroad and discussed in the global debate. She believes we must transform the ways in which African issues and affairs are approached to achieve a meaningful impact.

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The fight for recognition of independence and autonomy in the two Cameroon English-speaking regions continues to be one of the most neglected crisis on the planet. Despite the serious state of instability in the region, the global media perpetuates the silence, and the international community’s intervention remains unstructured. This article wants to shed a light on the key dynamics that underlie the current state of affairs and how historical, social, and political aspects intertwined and contributed to the development of the current situation.
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