Author: Andrej Planinšek

Andrej Planinšek is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics at Central European University in Vienna. With a wish of being more involved in politics, he encountered Volt Slovenia, a pan-European political movement, where he is acting as a Communications Lead. His topics interests include blockchain, big data, national security, and above all, anything connected with disruptive technologies and their implications for society - an interest he plans to deepen by completing a Master’s degree in a relevant discipline.

Articles written by Andrej Planinšek

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Orbán and Janša at EPP Summit
Orbán's capital is flowing into Slovenia and increases his power by influencing domestic politicians. With critical sectors at stake, including banking, media and infrastructure, the question arises whether a country can even be called sovereign with its biggest companies in the hands of foreign businessmen with ties to right-wing individuals.
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