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Graduated in Law in 2018 at the University of Naples - Federico II, discussing a thesis in comparative private law on the civil liability of the internet provider, Gaetano obtained in 2020, with full marks, the Specialization Diploma for Legal Professions at the University of Salerno with a thesis in administrative law. From April 2019 to April 2020 he worked as a court clerk (internship according to art.73 of the Decree of Doing) at the II Civil Section of the Court of Nola carrying out research and drafting provisions on family law. Since October 2018 he is a trainee lawyer at the Bar association of Nola, dealing in particular with TPL. Gaetano occasionally works as a legal and current affairs contributor for various think tanks, including Quo Vademus.

Articles written by Gaetano Mautone

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Enrico Letta
Recently, Nicola Zingaretti has resigned as secretary of the Italian Democratic Party. Zingaretti's resignation was unexpected and created a crisis - which was ultimately solved by the election of the former PM Enrico Letta as the new secretary. Before his election, Letta gave a long speech addressing various issues. His main goal appears to reform the Party for new future challenges.
Mario Draghi at the EP
In a short time, Prime Minister Draghi cleared the chain of command of Conte's previous government, consistent with the premises that accompanied the establishment of the new government, characterised by the central role of the Prime Minister and his collaborators and their two main objectives: reach herd immunity and reignite the Italian economy through the Next Generation EU investments.
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