Author: Lion Hummer

As part of his profession as an International Consultant for Digital Transformation, Lion spent the last 4 years traveling around the globe. During this time, he developed an urge to work against the global trend of disinformation. He is currently preparing himself for his MBA at the Warwick Business School.

Articles written by Lion Hummer

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Capitol, January 6th
For long enough, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and so many other social media platforms have allowed the creation of echo chambers promoting wild conspiracy theories and false news. If not all the incidents before, at least what happened at the US Capitol should show us that violence, incited through various online disinformation campaigns, has moved from the online to the offline world already a long time ago.
Crazy QAnon Lady
All tough Conspiracy theories are not new, as they exist since as early as the Middle Ages, there is something special about the QAnon movement. It is a global phenomenon, attracting large numbers across the globe and there are many different factors contributing to its success. How can a far-right conspiracy theory about a global child sex-trafficking ring, run by a cabal of paedophiles who are worshipping Satan become that successful?
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